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Tej Acton Academy offers a personalized microschool education in San Jose, CA. We help our K-8 students create their own path to success by developing the real world skills and character traits that matter most.
High School is planned.

Is Your Child’s Education Setting Them Up For Success?

Young people need to learn the right things to help them fulfill their dreams. At Tej Acton Academy, our mission is to empower K-8 students (with high school planned) to live meaningful lives by providing an environment where they discover their unique strengths, learn real-world skills, and grow in good character. Children get one shot at their education, so they need to learn what matters most.

3 Ways Learning Is Different

It’s Student Centered

We empower kids to own their learning. No homework here. Instead, we help students set goals, manage their time, and work at their own pace on core subjects, while engaging in hands-on projects in science, art, and technology. This is authentic learning, not focused on passing tests or memorizing facts.

Focused On The Real World

We believe students learn by doing. Whether it’s launching a startup business, playing an instrument, or programming a robot in their summer apprenticeship, our students are building real world skills every day, paving the way for them to succeed in the future.

Guided, Not Taught

Learning should reflect the unique personality and interests of the learner. Instead of boring lectures, our Guides lead small groups, helping students set goals and discover their own learning path. With small groups, caring adults, and lots of freedom, kids are empowered to learn.

Why We Started A School

As parents we knew our children would be just fine in traditional schools. They would get good grades, volunteer somewhere, and go to college. But we wanted something more meaningful and inspiring.

The more we were honest with ourselves, the more we felt the traditional school model was limited and outdated; where success is based simply on regurgitating information and following instructions.

In our years of searching for something better, we discovered a proven model in Acton Academy. Launched in 2009 in Austin, it is now the largest micro school community with over 300 campuses in 25 countries.

Our dream was for an environment where our children developed a love for learning, self-awareness, and a strong character – pillars we believe are necessary for their happiness and success in both personal and professional life. So, in 2020 we launched Tej Acton Academy – where children have the opportunity every day to discover their inner light, or ‘Tej’.

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Meera & Srujal Shah

What We Focus On

It’s About People

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. So we focus on inspiring students to develop real friendships, a sense of personal accountability, and standing strong in their convictions even as you respect others around you.

Character Is Destiny

Character really matters. The right skillset combined with character is a recipe for long-term success. Skills without character are a recipe for disaster. That’s why we believe in developing meaningful skills and character.

Solve Big Problems

Don’t think small. There are countless big problems in the world, and we need people of vision and courage willing to tackle them. We encourage big dreams and big vision and teach the skills to accomplish those dreams.

Get Back Up

Be gritty. Everybody fails sometimes, but the determined person who gets back up and tries again (and again) is the person who succeeds in their ambitions. It’s OK to fall. Get back up and try again.

We Have What It Takes

We’re better together. We appreciate the perspective of others and realize that we are stronger as a team and community. We teach students to lead by listening and loving our neighbors so that now and forever, they can work together with the person beside them.

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Our Students build small businesses from the ground-Up

Tej Acton Children's Business Fair

Inspiring entrepreneurship in youth 6-16 years of age

Our Active Learning Model

We believe there are 3 critical “C’s” that help learners build the knowledge, character, and skill they need to be their best, and we structure everything we do to maximize them.

Core Skills

Core skills means mastering foundational subjects (like reading and math) at your own pace. Instead of emphasizing standardized testing or grades, we focus on cultivating a love of learning through hands-on subject work (including using adaptive software) and small group work. It’s learning how to learn, a vital skill for the rest of life.


Collaboration means developing socially and emotionally, through work and play, within age groups and across ages. Students are empowered to solve problems, set goals, share ideas in group settings, work as a team, meet individual and group deadlines, and both serve and lead. Learners set themselves up for successful collaboration in the future.


Creating means taking the time to make stuff with our hands. We focus on projects leading to tangible results, without worrying about perfection. Building something is a journey of discovery, where you can learn as much from your failures as you can from successes. It’s process over results, as students learn to build things that matter.

The Right Environment For Every Stage Of Learning

Learning Is A Journey, And Each Of Our Learning Communities Provide An Environment Where Our Learners Can Uncover Their Unique Strengths, Develop Real World Skills, And Grow Their Individual Character.

Students benefiting from alternative education in a kindergarten Montessori class in San Jose, CA

Spark Studio

(Montessori + Acton 4y9m-7y)

Adventure Studio

(Elementary 7-11y)

Real World Results

Acton students, who spent at least 3 years in Acton, learn on average 2.5 grade levels ahead of their peers at traditional schools. Students have the ability to graduate high school at the age of 16.

*Results based on the IOWA standardized test frequently used by states and private schools to test for admissions into gifted and talented or accelerated learning programs.

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