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Session 4: Hero’s Health

This session’s Quest theme is “Hero’s Health”. As our learners progress in their Hero’s Journey, they will become more aware of how their personal health fits into the big picture. This Health Quest will allow our learners to embark on a journey in discovering personally relatable material within human anatomy, exercise, nutrition, mental health, and sleep. All of these essential topics will allow for them to become more well-rounded and self-aware of their responsibilities regarding their own health. The Quest will also connect technical concepts such as cell biology in very practical ways, thus deepening understanding and memory.

Our guides first make the Quest “road-map” so our students have an outline for the session. We felt strongly about sharing concepts such as mental health, mindfulness, sleep, managing stress, and the make-up of common foods we eat every day- that we missed growing up.

Though it could be said for every Quest, our learners really loved this session and were totally engrossed. One of their most memorable moments was breaking down the ingredients and nutritional values in their favorite foods including Nutella and cake frosting (to say they were surprised about the amount of sugar in each is an understatement!).

They also hand wrote their own books on different organs of the body such as the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, and gallbladder. And because they were curious they even wrote out how COVID moves and affects our body.

The most meaningful part for us is always seeing how the students personally get engrossed in what they are learning; finding purpose in the topic by seeing how it relates to their life, doing their own research, discussing their findings, followed by lots of hands-on projects. This is one of the most important functions of a Guide; to prepare the session so students are equipped to learn (ie- clear instructions, books for reference, any tools or equipment needed, launches to introduce specific topics, etc.), and to use Acton’s methodologies to drive student’s in their own learning. Their learning is then proved to the general public including to their parents, family, and friends at the end of the session Exhibition. The Exhibition is a 2-hour presentation completely planned and executed by the students where the students present and answer any question from the audience related to the topic.

Writer’s Workshop

With an emphasis in journaling, our Writer’s Workshop contains important elements in the facet of personal reflection. Our learners are developing skills to record and track their goals by understanding how to use lists and write journal entries about their hopes and dreams. They also get to compose entries about their likes and dislikes, who and what they are grateful for, what they are afraid of, and more. While they discover their love for writing, they are also encouraged and equipped to make their sentences grammatically correct. Through this process they practice how to express themselves while improving their grammar and writing skills. 

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