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Magic At Our New Location

Anyone who visits an Acton “studio” will feel a distinct vibe from a traditional classroom. It is a sacred place where life-changing growth happens. In it learners are free to explore, learn, serve, fall down, and, most importantly, practice getting back up. Learners of mixed ages form a largely self-governed tribe, delegated important rights to construct their own communities. Like most Actons, Tej Acton Academy is starting with an Elementary Studio (ES) for learners who are the equivalent of grades 1–6. This year we plan to add Kindergarten followed later by Middle Studio (MS) for the equivalent of grades 7–8, and Launchpad (LP) for the equivalent of high school. 

We wanted a location where our learners can be closer to nature so they may be inspired, feel a sense of peace and have plenty of space to explore and play. We were very excited to move into our new location at the Point Church in San Jose in January of this year. Nestled in the beautiful and serene Evergreen foothills of San Jose, the location provides playgrounds, hiking trails, plenty of greenery, a large outdoor patio with amazing views of the valley, a full-size indoor gym with basketball courts and a large amphitheater complete with professional lighting and sound. Check out our photos below and click on the Contact Us page to schedule a private tour!

Front patio area
Elementary Studio

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