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How is our Spark (Kindergarten) curriculum structured?

Spark Kindergarten Studio
Spark Classroom at Tej Acton Academy

A child’s learning environment should be welcoming, clean and uncluttered. We have meticulously chosen the very best in Montessori materials and furniture made of beautiful, natural materials such as wood so they are healthy, safe, and inspiring for children.

The purpose of our Spark class is:

  • to spark curiosity through hands on experiences and play-based challenges,
  • to foster academic, physical and emotional independence through developmentally appropriate works inspired by Maria Montessori, and
  • to equip learners for the next steps of their journey by applying the Hero’s Journey philosophy.

Aside from daily Montessori-inspired works, afternoons will alternate between outdoor Spark Play and Quest-based projects. 

What is Spark Play?

Spark Play supports creativity, critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving and team-work while cooperative playing with large loose parts outdoors. This intentional play time consists of materials that can be moved, built, designed, taken apart, and repurposed without a prescribed use. The Spark learners will spend up to 2 hours outside everyday under all weather. 

Before beginning Spark Play, learners create Play Plans, setting goals each day. After their uninterrupted play, the children go inside for reflection period when they look at pictures of themselves playing and discuss their process as well as their plans for the following day as a group. This process allows for the development of not only self-reflection, but self-reflection in the context of how actions affect others around them. This empowers our learners with independence within safe boundaries and also sets the foundation for developing great communication skills.

What are Quest-based Projects?

Linking projects with games, stories and over-arching themes [Quests] allows project-based learning to take on a new form. There are seven Quests throughout the calendar year, one for each 3- to 6-week session.

Examples of Quest topics are:

  1. Human Body Quest
  2. Gardening Quest
  3. Water-Works Quest
  4. Geography Quest

These seven Quests are tied to the over-arching theme for the year. 

Examples of over-arching themes are: 

  1. What does it mean to be human?
  2. Does our past affect our future?
  3. What is the Hero’s Journey?

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