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Our First Exhibition Recap

Last Friday, our learners held their first ever Exhibition at Tej Acton Academy. Many ideas, lessons, and passions were shared during that hour and a half session, and needless to say we miss our learners already!

Our learners introducing everyone to Exhibition

For this week’s blog, I found it valuable to share Ms. Shah’s perspective on how this event went and what she noticed given that she is both a Guide and a mother of one of our Warriors. Seeing these two sides of the coin provide a lot of value in that she has been able to see her daughter grow in the studio, but Exhibition was the best opportunity for her child to show everyone else just how much effort she has put into Tej Acton and all that she has accomplished so far on her own Hero’s Journey.

Read her response below:

“To give you some feedback about the exhibition as a parent, I felt it was an amazing substitute for the monthly test that they take to prove their own learning for multiple reasons. To share a few, I never found Tejasvi nervous or stressed out to prepare or execute the exhibition; in fact, she was super excited to do so in order to show how much she has learned. Second, I could learn so much more about her (as a person and not just through academics) through an exhibition which a marks sheet or report card would not have depicted.

Another one of our Warriors explaining Weekly Reflections

Actual Exhibition was so much fun to watch as it was all executed by our children without absolutely no interference from us Guides. That being said, there were also moments when our patience was tested as there were some parts where the learners did not explain concepts too clearly. Despite this, we still chose not to correct them even when it felt like they did not plan this part as properly as they could. This was hard for me as an Acton parent to not jump in to help them, but I knew that we were going to take away that fabulous opportunity from them to learn from their mistakes and skills to be refined the next session if we did.

Our Warriors showing how our cleaner is made

The day after Exhibition, we held a Socratic discussion and asked our daughter’s feedback on the event. It was incredibly satisfying to know that she already knew what went wrong (or what could have been done better) and had a solution to make it better next time. For example, she expressed concern over how there was so much noise during core skills that everyone had to talk loudly to be heard. To resolve this, she suggested that her and her fellow travelers plan different sitting arrangements for the attendants. She also added that they should create and announce “Rules for the Audience”!

It was amazing to see them learn about and from so many characters during the hero wall presentation which kids of this age hardly learn. Overall, it proved the immense worth of our decision to be on this Hero’s Journey choosing TEJ Acton Academy.”

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