Elementary Montessori in
San Jose, CA

When it comes to the beginning of your child’s education, cultivating a love of learning and school is incredibly important. These formative years can help your child embrace their creativity and connect with makes them happy as they learn. The Montessori education model can be a wonderful way to give your child the educational foundation that they need to succeed.

Tej Acton Academy, located in San Jose, CA, is excited to help with our elementary Montessori school. We are excited to give your child the care and attention they deserve as they enter their first elementary school. Read on to learn more about our elementary Montessori school as well as how we can give your child an educational boost.

An Exciting Educational Experience

At Tej Acton Academy, we are ready to give your child the elementary school experience that they deserve. We utilize the Montessori method as a way to emphasize your child’s creativity and cultivate their love of learning. Each child is valued and given the specific attention needed to thrive during their time at our academy.

The Montessori method also focuses on child-centered learning and cooperation with other children as a way to develop their core learning principles. As our skilled and experienced teachers facilitate a fun learning experience, your child will feel in control of their learning experience. With the skills and educational habits we can give your child, they can create an exciting path forward for their education.

We take pride in the safety, efficiency, and compassion of our academy in San Jose, CA. You can rest assured that your child will receive the care and attention that they deserve. We are excited to join your child in the first steps in their educational career. We take pride in the staff we hire to teach your children.

A Dedicated Educational Team

Reach out to Tej Acton Academy to learn more about our elementary Montessori school and to schedule a visit to get to know our staff. For more information, give us a call today at 408-620-6062.