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Crossing the Threshold (Welcome Ceremony)

August 23rd, 2021

We had an uplifting and FUN Threshold Ceremony to welcome our new families on their first day. Each family crossed a threshold we created at our entrance to begin their Hero’s Journey.

A Hero’s Journey means to be hero’s in our own story, to get back up when we fall, and to help our fellow travelers do the same.

This is a theme we come back to on a daily basis and in everything we do with our learners at Tej Acton Academy. What an amazing outlook to have with us to overcome any obstacle in life!

As Joseph Campbell said: “The cave you most fear to enter, contains the greatest treasure.”

We finished our Threshold Ceremony with each learner offering a rose to their parents out of gratitude. Gratitude is the first quality a Hero needs on his/her journey. It takes a parent with foresight who can see the intangibles needed for a child’s long term development and success. Our founding parents have placed tremendous importance in these intangibles offered at Tej Acton Academy, which go beyond learning traditional acadmics.

We are excited to share the pictures below of this special first day for our Founding Families. We welcomed a total of 12 learners and 8 families to Tej Acton Academy this year.

Tej Acton Academy will strive to provide a unique environment for young learners to thrive in the areas we serve in San Jose, Almaden, Morgan Hill, Milpitas, Campbell, Willow Glen, Los Gatos and the surrounding neighborhoods of Evergreen, Communication Hill, South San Jose, Blossom Valley, Cambrian and the entire Bay Area.

We are an alternative to traditional schools offering a self-paced, individualized, learner driven environment for kindergarten through middle school blending the teachings of Maria Montessori, Waldord Schools, Forest Schools and more. Students of Tej Acton Academy also receive exceptional academics which place them 2-3 grade levels ahead of traditional schools. Children from all backgrounds can thrive at Tej Acton Academy including learners from homeschool, charter school, traditional school, non-traditional school, montessori, private school, and public school.

To learn more start the free application found on our website at https://tejactonacademy.org/apply/ or email us at info@tejactonacademy.org

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