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An Open House for the History Books!

Saturday, February 13, 2021 was Tej Acton Academy’s very first Open House. Despite some forecasts of rain, the day was sunny and beautiful. We were all mesmerized by the gorgeous views of the green Evergreen foothills seen from our seats in the school’s atrium during the presentation. We are so fortunate to have such a surreal backdrop for our learners to learn in.

We got to hear from a lot of parents on their concerns for their child’s existing traditional education and what is motivating them to explore other alternatives. The values parents connected with the most were Acton’s Hero’s Journey [embedded throughout every activity] which instills self confidence and respect, self-paced mastery-based learning, and project-based Quests which develop strong character traits. We had an awesome turn-out and response and look forward to building our tribe in the coming months with strong, committed learners who are prepared to take ownership of their own learning and support one another in their journey.

Our current learners approached our Academy’s first open house just as they approach their own education- with ownership and self-initiative. We were overjoyed but not surprised, as this is the same attitude we see towards their learning every day in class. They were super excited to take the visiting children on a tour of our facilities and keep them engaged during our presentation, and to take everyone’s temperature per COVID protocols. In addition, they presented their work at stations and led activities to offer parents a glimpse into what they learned since the start of the year.

Thank you to our current family, Drs. Neesheet & Mansi Parikh for offering to share your insight into your experience with the school so far for your children. Thank you to all the wonderful families who attended. Your curiosity to learn about this transformative education model and effort to bring about change in your child’s learning is commended.

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